Las ilustraciones de Fil Dunsky

Hi guys, here some more of my works done for different companies and private clients during 2016

Book cover illustation made for some Spanish publishing house. I can not remember the name.

Some soft drinks package illustrations

Avatar portrait for one rich Brasilian woman

Slack-like team work service, Indonesia

Advertising illustrations for Drive7, Saudi Arabia

Pickup traning quest

Mascot for Vietnamese coffee pack

Illustration for sale. Could be edited by your needs. Was made as experimental kids mat for China but they didn't use it.

I've made a stickers for iMessage from them which you can download here

Stickers for

Street Music Album Cover, Great Britain

Advertising illustration for Nitto printing paper fabric, Belgium

New Year postcard for sale

I just love graphics in Machinarium and Samorost 3 games by Amanita Design and would like to learn how they created it so I started to play with textures here.

Christmas Tea package design for JAF Tea, Sri Lanka.

This is how I usually work for last half of a year.

From my Macbook Pro together with Wacom Intuos tablet I switched to one device: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 so I can draw directly on the screen.

So convenient. Now I can draw during the flights and in the trains while travelling with yoga courses.

For more stuff check my instagram.

Thanks a lot for your attention and appreciates! Be Happy!